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MEET THE VENDOR: Sunday Bell Farm

"Owning and operating a dairy farm has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I am so thankful for your support and engagement with the farm. I invite you to reach out and sett up a time to come visit: tour the facilities, learn how to milk, or simply enjoy the peaceful beauty of cows out to pasture. Our farm store carries a wide variety of cheese making supplies, ingredients, and recipes. We have a lending library of books and dairy processing equipment such as a yogurt and ice cream maker available for borrowing as well." - Kylie Rossier

Sunday Bell Farm is a small diversified dairy. Their A2/A2 dairy cows are the cornerstone of their operation. The cows are intensively grazed on lush pasture during the growing season and enjoy fresh air and sun all year round even during the winter.

Sunday Bell Farm uses their own nutrient-dense, probiotic, unadulterated milk to raise their veal, beef, pork, and poultry. This has allowed them to significantly reduce grain, corn, and soy consumption on the farm.

As a strictly raw milk dairy, they manage their cows and produce their milk in a way that achieves higher standards of quality and cleanliness than milk destined for pasteurization. Their milk is tested every other week at the Vermont Agriculture and Environmental Lab to ensure these rigid standards are met. Their cows are all confirmed A2/A2 and tested for a myriad of viruses and diseases beyond what is required by Agency of Ag.

Though they are not officially organic certified, Sunday Bell Farm manages it as such. They feed locally milled organic grain and utilize natural remedies for wholistic health and wellness such as herbalism and homeopathy.

What do they sell? Raw A2/A2 Cows Milk, Grass Fed/Finished Veal and Beef, Free Range Eggs, Pastured Broilers and Pork plus Milk Soaps.

Where can you find them?

Farm Store Located at 487 Tampico Road, North Danville, VT 05828. Open Dawn to Dark 7day/week. Farmers Markets: St Johnsbury: Saturday 9am-1pm, Hardwick: Friday 3pm-6pm, Lyndonville: Friday 3pm-6pm, and Peacham: Sunday 12pm-3pm.

Contact Information:

Kylie and Sam Rossier | 802-299-6557 | 487 Tampico Road, North Danville, VT 05828. Open Dawn to Dark 7day/week.

Facebook | Instagram (You can also dm/comment to order)

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