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MEET THE VENDOR: Borealchemy

Borealchemy Azure Daniels

Azure's work as a mother, doula and home birth midwife's assistant brought her into the realm of plant medicine 20 years ago and she has been learning and studying the herbal healing craft ever since! In 2017-18 she attended The Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine's master herbalism program and opened for business in 2020. Born and raised a girl of the north country, she recently relocated to Vermont from the southern shore of Lake Superior. Having spent most of her life a stone’s throw from Canadian shores, she has always been most at home in the northerly climes with the plants that inhabit those lands being her beloved allies.

Though she does look to a few exotics for precious ingredients in her herbal formulas, the main focus is on botanicals that can be found in the wild boreal landscapes and grown amidst the rocky, forested soils that sustain the beings of these far flung pristine places. Sourcing ingredients as close to home as possible, many are wildcrafted and some are cultivated by regional herb growers and local farmers. Striving to do no harm in the procuring & production of her goods with minimal packaging, either with biodegradable, recycled materials or reusable containers, she holds the intention of eventually accomplishing zero waste.

Azure strives to bring herbal medicine to others in a highly accessible and safe manner, mainly through timeless folk remedies that have long been crafted in the kitchens of witches & farm wives over the ages while also turning to indigenous teachings to uncover the ancient wisdom that has too long been overlooked.

What do they sell?

Offering handcrafted and locally made herbal products such as elixirs, fire ciders, honeyed herbal vinegars, elderberry or chaga chai syrups, teas, balms, facial oils, ointments and healing salves. Consciously created with a respect for traditional wisdom and the wild medicine plants of the North. Botanical beauty & seasonal wellness, with a focus on woman-centered self-care.

Where can you find them?

Store Locations in Vermont: Sacred Spirit Wellness in Wells River, Crossmolina Farm Store in Cookeville, Mountainside Chiropractic Wellness Center, Livery Apothecary in East Thetford, Chapman's Store in Fairlee. Norwich Farmers Market, St. Johnsbury Farmers Market (Saturdays), Danville Farmers Market (Wednesdays), Bradford Farmers Market (Wednesdays), Capital City Farmers Market (Montpelier on Saturdays), Autumn on the Green, Sunday October 1, 10-4pm in Danville,VT and the Lake Morey Resort Holiday Market in Fairlee, Saturday, December 2, 11am-3pm.

"It’s an honor and privilege to share these teachings, returning to this knowledge, in the hopes that many more humans will again know these plants and trees growing amidst us, and have the opportunity to deepen into relationship with them & gratefully receive the vital gifts they offer us. Thank you for being here and I look forward to sharing more!"

Contact Information:

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