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Thinking about joining us as a vendor or just need a refresher?

Here are some things you should know:


These markets are producer only markets. That is, every vendor must produce the products that he or she are going to sell at the market.  It is not allowed to buy in and resell any product. You, the producer of the products need to be the primary person actually attending and selling your products at the market.  You or your immediate family must MAKE, BAKE or GROW what you sell. Crafts should be agricultural, made of natural materials or traditional in nature.

You are responsible for meeting any government or legal requirements that apply to you as a producer and seller of your products. For more information see the VT Department of Agriculture regulations page.


We have very fixed opening and closing times. There are NO SALES allowed before the opening cow bell is rung (the summer markets begin at 9am and the winter market begins at 10am).  This gives all the vendors a chance to get set up without interruptions, and customers who arrive at our opening time have a fair chance to buy things that may sell out quickly. Vendors are expected to stay until closing time (1pm), unless you have made prior arrangements with a market manager. If you run out of stuff to sell, you should bring more next time, or you can use this time to meet the other vendors.

There is a once a year membership fee (currently $10 per market location) to join the market association. You will also be expected to pay 5% of your daily sales or a minimum of $5 at the end of each market session (after 1pm). We still need to be informed of your total sales for the day. This information is confidential, but necessary in order to prepare an accurate budget, track market growth, and fill out an annual survey for the state Farmers' Market Association.

You will be expected to attend markets on a regular basis, unless you have made other arrangements with the market managers. If you can not attend a market, please let Nick Heltzel know ahead of time or by 9:00pm the night before. In order to park all vendors efficiently, we need to know who will be there or not. There is a $5 no show/no call fee, and people who repeatedly forget will lose their space.

It is strongly recommended that you have adequate liability insurance for what you are doing.

For the outdoor markets, we suggest you have a tent or umbrella, sturdy table, table cloth, scale, bags, cashbox and plenty of change, a notebook and pen, business cards and good signage.  Be sure to tether or weight down your tent so it won't blow over and cause injury or damage in a sudden wind gust. Gallon jugs of wet sand tied to the legs work well. Dress for the weather, keep your space neat, be friendly and attentive and make sure your prices are clear. Thank you for not smoking at the market. If you can, help your neighbor set up their tent, or ask them if you need help. We like to be a friendly, cooperative market, so if you have questions, concerns, or complaints please speak with Elizabeth.

Finally, our association is very well established, having been in existence since 1972. Please realize that there are many potential vendors interested in joining our market and we have limited space. There may not be space available for you. We usually have a waiting list of interested potential vendors. There are other farmers' markets in the area that may have space for you if we do not.

If you are still interested, fill out the New Vendor Application and mail it to Nick Heltzel at 1404 VT 122, Lyndon Center, VT 05850. For any questions, contact us at

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