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about the market

The Caledonia Farmers' Market Association (CFMA)  is a non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1972. The association is governed by a 4 to 7 member board of directors elected by the vendor membership. The directors serve (staggered) 3 year terms. 

The current 2022 board members are:

  • President: Elizabeth Everts

  • Vice President: Mary Skovsted

  • Secretary: Melanie Miller

  • Treasurer: Curtis Sjolander

  • Ken Mundinger

  • Derrick Samuels

  • Koren Warden 

The day to day management is handled by two co-managers:  Elizabeth Everts and Curtis Sjolander. 

Elizabeth Everts should be contacted at 802-592-3088, or find her at
278 Cloudy Pasture Lane, Barnet, VT 05821.

Any bills should be addressed to CFMA, c/o Curtis Sjolander, 154 Blakely Road, Wheelock, VT 05851. You call contact Curt at 802-626-9471.

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