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MEET THE VENDOR: Sunday Bell Farm

"Owning and operating a dairy farm has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I am so thankful for your support and engagement with the farm. I invite you to reach out and set up a time to come visit: tour the facilities, learn how to milk, or simply enjoy the peaceful beauty of cows out to pasture. Our farm store carries a wide variety of cheese making supplies, ingredients, and recipes." - Kylie Rossier

Sunday Bell Farm is a small diversified dairy farm. Their A2/A2 dairy cows are the cornerstone of their operation. The cows are intensively grazed on lush pasture during the growing season and enjoy fresh air and sun all year round even during the winter.

Sunday Bell Farm uses their own nutrient-dense, probiotic, unadulterated milk to raise their veal, beef, pork, and poultry. This has allowed them to significantly reduce grain, corn, and soy consumption on the farm.

As a strictly raw milk dairy, they manage their cows and produce their milk in a way that achieves higher standards of quality and cleanliness than milk destined for pasteurization. Their milk is tested every other week at the Vermont Agriculture and Environmental Lab to ensure these rigid standards are met. Their cows are all confirmed A2/A2 and tested for a myriad of viruses and diseases beyond what is required by Agency of Ag.

Though they are not officially organic certified, Sunday Bell Farm manages it as such. They feed locally milled organic grain and utilize natural remedies for wholistic health and wellness such as herbalism and homeopathy.

Sam Rossier Sam has been fascinated by heavy equipment ever since he was a baby. His first word was "tractor.” In elementary school, he raised chickens, oxen, pigs, and began learning how to weld. In high school, he and his brother started a landscaping, trail grooming, and bush hogging business. He went to college for mechanical engineering with a focus on biological systems and farm equipment design. Today Sam works for Concept2 in Morrisville and oversees all the operation, repair, and maintenance of the equipment here at Sunday Bell Farm.

Kylie Rossier Kylie got her first farm job at the age of 12. From plants to animals, organic to conventional, community gardens to large CAFOs in the midwest. Eventually pasture-based and soil-based farming provided the missing link of land stewardship that she had been seeking. In 2015 she got her first cows and the seed to building a regenerative, community scale, direct-to-consumer, raw milk dairy was planted. Today she oversees all the day-to-day within the farm and business.

What do they sell? Raw A2/A2 Cows Milk, 100% Grass Fed Beef, Rose Veal, Free Range Eggs, Pastured Broilers and Pork, and Cows Milk Soaps. Milk and Meat Subscriptions available.

Where can you find them?

FARM STORE: They have a small self-serve farm store at the farm that is kept stocked with raw milk, a variety of our meats, farmstead goodies, and occasionally eggs from their free-range hens. Sunday Bell Farm is open 24/7 365 days a year. We accept cash, check, and Venmo. Located just through the double doors into the basement of the house. If you are looking for larger quantities of milk or specific cuts of meat, please be in touch in advance so they can make sure to have those ready for you. Here is a link to the google maps location. FARMER’S MARKET: They attend the Saint Johnsbury Farmer’s Market. Summer location is at the Pearl Street parking lot behind the Star Theater and Anthony's Diner every Saturday from 9am-1pm. Winter location is at the Welcome Center 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am-1pm. HOME DELIVERY: They run a home delivery route 3 days a week. They cover quite a large area! To see if your preferred location is on the route, check out the online store or send them an email to inquire.

Contact Information:

Kylie and Sam Rossier | 802-299-6557 | 487 Tampico Road, North Danville, VT 05828. Open Dawn to Dark 7day/week.

Facebook | Instagram (You can also dm/comment to order)

A Word From Their Customers

​"Beautiful place. Kylie and Sam very clearly care about their animals and taking care of the land they grow food with. I tried some of their ground hamburger in a burger and it was great!" — Sydney

"Beautiful animals. Wise and capable people. Delicious, nourishing, wholesome products. More than worth every cent." — Olivia

“Delicious fresh, raw A2/A2 milk. Easy pick up right on-farm and lots of payment options! 👌🏻 Highly recommend!” – Mitchell

“Sunday Bell is an amazing farm in Vermont! The owners are knowledgeable, friendly, and amazing! The cows are super cute and the products they have are fabulous!” – Samantha

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