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MEET THE VENDOR: Melanie's Woven Memories & Thorntree Farm

Melanie's fondest memories of her childhood were at home with her mother and father. Her father, Frank Miller worked as a craftsman, restoring antique furniture. Since his death in 1993, Melanie has continued his work caning chairs and now weaving baskets. Baking was an art that Melanie worked on with her Mom. Melanie and her husband, Eric Hansen, raise chickens at their farm in Sutton, VT and they sell fresh eggs and broilers. She also has a variety of baked goods and quiches that she brings to market each week

What do they sell? Baked goods, eggs, broilers (meat birds, few times a year), baskets, footstools, benches, birdhouses and Melanie canes chairs/furniture.

Where can you find them?

St Johnsbury, Danville, and Lyndonville Agway Markets, local craft shows, U-32, St. Albans Maple Festival, Burklyn Arts Fairs, Old Stone House Day, Highlands (Greensboro), Derby Memorial Library, Waterbury Revitalization and more!

Contact Information:

Melanie Miller Hansen | 802-467-1326 | | Facebook

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