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MEET THE VENDOR: Warden Meat & Maple

Warden Meat & Maple Koren, William, Maria, Laurie and Robert Warden

Small Vermont hilltop farm, high above the Connecticut River in Barnet center. Originally settled by the Warden family in 1785, Will, Koren, Maria, Laurie, and Robert now carry on the traditional farming and sugar making practices passed from generation to generation. Over 200 ears of sustainable agriculture.

What do the sell?

Warden Meat & Maple sells 100% grass fed beef frozen by the cut. Pork is grain/grass mix and sold by the cut. They also sell maple syrup, maple cream, candy and sugar.

Where can you find them?

Find their products at Danville, St. Johnsbury, and Lyndonville area Farmers Markets. They also sell from their farm at 802 Warden Road, Barnet, VT by appointment.

Contact Information: | 802-633-4959 | Facebook

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