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MEET THE VENDOR: Providence Hill Farm

Providence Hill Farm Denise Mangan

Denise has lived in beautiful rural Vermont her entire life. She was raised in a large family with a deep appreciation for having her hands in the dirt growing items that will nourish the body, mind and heart.

In 2020 she had an epiphany regarding the families over-sized vegetable gardens and decided to build a business around flowers. Thus, began her exciting journey into flower farming! Denise loves being outside and working to design flowers in meaningful and breathtaking ways. Her flock of Dorper sheep provide fertilizer for the flowers and entertainment for anyone stopping by the farm.

What do the sell?

Providence Hill Farm LLC provides local fresh cut flowers. They offer seasonal subscription bouquets and floral arrangements for special events.

Where can you find them?

Find their products at Danville Farmers Market, Cabot Harvest Hub, Fairmont Farms, Cabot Village Store, call or order on their website.

Contact Information: | 802-563-2614 | Facebook |

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