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MEET THE VENDOR: Crooked Mile Cheese

"We love our St J Farmer's Market customers!" -Roberta Gillott

Crooked Mile Cheese is a family-run micro-dairy goat farm in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Their belief is that a delicious cheese is made with quality milk from animals that are raised in a healthy and happy environment. For more than twelve years, Crooked Mile Cheese has worked to provide artisan cheese for their local markets while practicing regenerative agriculture practices to improve their farm's open, working landscape.

What do they sell? Goat cheese and farm and goat products: goat cheese, cheese plates, goat meat, caramel, veggies.

Where can you find them?

Milkhouse Farmstand at 4962 Old County Rd. South, Waterford, St J Farmer's Market Saturdays 9am-1pm, Littleton Farmer's Market on Sundays 10am-1pm, Peacham Farmer's Market on Sundays 12pm-3pm, Littleton Food Co-op, Hanover Food Co-op, Lebanon Food Co-op, St. J Distillery, Wildflower Inn, and Wilder Farm Grocery. Email or text to place an order!

Contact Information:

Roberta and John Gillott | text 802-274 4105 | | Facebook | Instagram |

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