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Alternative Forms of Payment

3SVT/SNAP | Crop Cash | Farm to Family

3SquaresVT EBT cards are accepted at the St. Johnsbury market every Saturday. Go to our Information Booth, swipe your card in the EBT machine, enter your PIN and receive wooden tokens that can be spent at any of the vendor booths at all of the St. Johnsbury, Saturday markets. $1 tokens can be used with Crop Cash coupons and both must be used for fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and plant/seeds. $5 tokens can be used for anything. Farm to Family coupons can be used at both St. J and Danville markets, Crop Cash is to be obtained and used ONLY at at the St. J market.

How to Use Your Crop Cash

How does the Crop Cash match work?

Summer 2023 (May 1 - October 31, 2023): For every dollar of 3SVT/SNAP you spend at a participating farmers market, you can receive a dollar of Crop Cash to spend on fruits, vegetables, herbs, and culinary seeds and plant starts. During the Summer 2023 season, the Crop Cash PLUS pilot program will add an additional dollar per dollar match to spend on any SNAP-eligible item.* You can match up to $20 of your 3SVT/SNAP benefits per market day with both Crop Cash and Crop Cash PLUS. Here's what that can look like:

  • If you were to spend $10 of SNAP benefits at the market, you can get $10 of Crop Cash (for fruits/vegetables) and $10 of Crop Cash PLUS (for SNAP-eligible items). That's a total of $20 extra dollars to spend at the market!

  • If you were to spend $20 or more of SNAP benefits, you can get up to $20 of Crop Cash (for fruits/vegetables) and up to $20 of Crop Cash PLUS (for SNAP-eligible items). That's a total of $40 extra dollars to spend at the market!

*Folks who receive their benefits as EBT Cash or Direct Deposit will not receive Crop Cash. Rather, they will receive double the match of Crop Cash PLUS in the summer, and a one-to-one match in the winter. Folks who wish to spend EBT Cash benefits at a farmers market should let the market manager know they receive their benefits as EBT Cash, and how much they would like to spend in their benefits at the market. The market manager will match double that amount in Crop Cash PLUS coupons during the summer season, and will match the amount (dollar for dollar) in the winter season.

3SquaresVT, also known as SNAP/EBT (formerly known as food stamps) helps limited-income individuals and families buy the food they need. Benefits are generally provided on a card that functions like a debit card, and are accepted at most grocery stores and many farmer’s markets. Here is a list of food items that SNAP/EBT can buy. For more information and assistance applying for 3SquaresVT benefits, visit the Vermont Foodbank website.

For more details, head to our Information Booth in St. Johnsbury; Saturdays, 9am-1pm.

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