Winter Market 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have decided not to hold our usual indoor winter market.


We are moving to a pre-ordering system with pick-up on the first and third Saturday of each month, November through April in the Pearl Street parking lot. Pick-up time is 12pm-1pm.


Below are vendors currently participating in pre-ordering. Orders must be placed no later than the Thursday evening before the market.

Adams Family Farm/Bryan's Custom Cutting

Sandi Adams | | 802-633-3031

Product list coming soon. Please call to order at this time. Jams/jellies, pickles, sausage, etc.


Biz-Z-Bee Farm

Tom Cantin

802-505-3165 |

Text or Email to Order

Eggs $4/dozen

Christmas wreaths $10 (regular size, can make up to 6 foot round. Please call for larger size/price)

Garland $3.50 a foot, any length


Crooked Mile Cheese

Roberta Gillott

​ |


This week (12/5) Crooked Mile Cheese has much to offer! We can accept online pre-payment, Venmo or cash or check or debit card at pick up on Saturday!



Goat Feta in Brine $8

Fresh, soft, delectable farmstead cheese in classic chevre form with herbs de provence, pepper, plain, chive or with edible flowers. $8 each

Basil and Garlic, Honey and Lavender and Sassy Nanny spread is also available $9 each


Bloomy Rinds Moore Dam Blues and Shadow Lake $10


Aged, artisan natural rind cheeses are ready for you in pieces of $8 to a whole wheel: 

Capra Luna with or without beautiful Calendula Petals pressed in to the edible natural rind aged two months, nutty tones;

Echo Tomme aged four months with buttery notes and a lemon finish and Lower Waterford aged six months with a natural rind pressed with Herbs de Provence -- this cheese comes off as an aged italian cheese with herbaceous notes.


Also available are Cheese Plates in a Box!  Dates stuffed with fresh chevre, two 1/4 lb offerings of aged cheese, a 1/4 lb portion of a bloomy rind cheese and a fresh chevre appetizer along with accompaniments! $15


They are also offering local delivery for a $2 charge in the St J and Waterford area (and in-between) for those of you who prefer!  I can safely drop off your selections and we can either arrange pre-payment or collect upon delivery!  


Inch By Inch Permaculture

Nick & Olivia Heltzel | | 330-402-4084


Preferred ordering and payment is through website.

They will have greens, micro greens, eggs, bread, wooden ware and holiday wreaths. Specific product information, pricing and availability is on website. 


Karim Farm and Creamery

Michael Bean and Gina Ritscher | 802-476-5189


Karim Farm and Creamery will offer our usual 8 European-style aged, cows-milk cheeses:


Karim Nordic





Farmhouse Cheddar


Green Mountain Melody


All cheeses are $20 a pound, with prepackaged pieces ranging from 4-12 ounces.


Kingdom Kettle Corn

Amy Wajda-Nelson

802-745-8114 | Kingdom Kettle Corn

Call/text Amy or message them on Facebook (link above).


$6 - Original kettle corn

$8 - Maple kettle corn


Little Backpack Bakery

Chelsea Hewitt | | | 802-227-3113

LBPB will not be accepting pre-orders for St J pick-up in December. Pick-up in Danville only at this time.


Mountain Foot Farm

Curtis Slojander | | | 802-626-9471

Order by phone, email, or facebook message by midnight Thursday .

Sweet Preserves @ $6.00 per ½ pint jar:

  • Strawberry Preserves

  • Apple Butter

  • Dandelion Blossom Jelly

  • Crabapple-Elderberry Butter

  • Crabapple-Raspbery Jelly

  • Crabapple-Raspberry Butter

  • Rhubarb Chutney


Pickles @ $6.00 per pint jar:

  • Dill Pickles

  • Sweet Pickle Slices

  • Mustard Pickles

  • Tongue Pickles

  • Dilly Beans

  • Sweet and Sour Beets


Spaghetti Squash @ $1.00 per pound

Acorn, Buttercup, Butternut winter squashes @ $1.50 per pound

“Long Pie” pie pumpkins @ $1.00 per pound

Assorted Gourds @ $.50 each

(Trout will not be available until 2021)


Primal Botanical CBD

Annika McCann | | 802-424-1116 

Preferred contact method is email


Order online at and choose the “I’ll pick it up myself” option at checkout, and Annika will contact you to arrange delivery. Or, email and let her know what you would like.





  • CBD oil, 2oz, in peppermint, cinnamon, or unflavored $40

  • CBD oil, 8oz, in peppermint, cinnamon, or unflavored $135


CBD rubs:

  • Joint Relief CBD Rub $40

  • Rapid Recovery CBD-Arnica Rub $40

  • Head & Neck CBD Rub $40

  • CBD Coconut Oil $40

CBD body butters: 

  • Joint Relief CBD Body Butter $50

  • Rapid Recovery  CBD-Arnica Body Butter $50

  • Head & Neck CBD Body Butter $50

  • Lavender- Citrus CBD Body Butter $50

CBD Mineral Bath:

  • CBD Mineral Bath - BREATHE $20

  • CBD Mineral Bath - CALM $20

  • CBD Mineral Bath - DREAM $20

  • CBD Mineral Bath - UPLIFT $20

  • CBD Mineral Bath - RECOVER $20





The Singing Smith

Nathan Colpitts


603-991-8284 |

No product list available at this time, please call to inquire.



St J Distillery | | 802-424-1146


Sugar Mama's

Kate Colleran & Libre Drouin

Call Kate at 802-467-3402 |


Beet, carrot, aparagus and feta $4.00
Ham, Spinach, Apple, and Brie $4.50
Cherry with sweet cream cheese $4.00


Vanilla Cream Puffs $3.50 

Chocolate cupcake with Grand Marnier frosting $3.50

Pies $16.00


Apple Salted Caramel 


Strawberry Rhubarb 

Strawberry Ginger 


Tart Cherry 

Maple Pumpkin 

Maple Buttermilk Custard

Spinach or Red pepper English Muffins $1.50 each

Fruit scones $2.50

Cookies $1.00

Orange almond oat, Ginger Molasses, Cherry Chocolate Walnut, Apricot, White Chocolate Oat.
Assorted Holiday cookie box (iced sugar cookies, snowballs, gingerbread, chocolate dipped hazelnut shortbread cookie)

Gluten free treats are also available. Just ask!


Sunshine Catering

Karen Fitzgerald | | 802-745-8520

Call/text or email to order.

Charcuterie box for 2 - $20

Charcuterie box for 4 - $35

Mac & Cheese - $30

  • with Bacon - $35*

  • with Roasted Squash - $35

Meat Lasagna*

  • Large feeds 6-8 - $35

  • Small feeds 3-4 - $25

Veggie Alfredo Lasagna

  • Large feeds 6-8 - $35

  • Small feeds 3-4 - $25

Chicken Pot Pie feeds 6-8 - $25*

Maple Cookies - $1 Each

*Meat based foods will be given ready to eat. They freeze great, if you wish to eat later.


Thorntree Farm/Meanie's Woven Memories

Melanie Miller Hansen | | 802-467-1326

Chicken (just 4# left) they are $4.00 per pound, $16.00 each


Cookies - 6 pack for $3.00

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Ginger

  • Oatmeal raisin

  • Peanut Butter


GF cookies - 6 pack for $4.00

  • Sugar

  • Chocolate Chip


Bread - $5.00 per loaf

  • Oatmeal maple

  • English muffin

  • Shredded Wheat

  • Light Rye

  • Sourdough


GF Sandwich Bread - $6.00 per loaf


Too Little Farm

Elizabeth & Peter Everts

802-592-3088 | | Facebook


Please call 802-592-3088 (no Text!) before Thurs. pm.


Carrots 2lb/$3. 5lb/$7. 20lb/$25.

Beets $1.50/lb

Cabbage, red, green or red tipped semi savoy, $1/lb

Onions $2/lb

Leeks $2. each

Garlic $1 each or $10. for a lb. or more

Potatoes $1.50/lb  5lb/$7. Yellow or Pinto (pink and yellow)

Russian Banana Fingerlings $4/Qt or $7/5lb- (you scrub)

Sweet Potatoes $2/lb

Winter Squash $1/lb- butternut, buttercup, sunshine, wintersweet

Sweet Dumpling $1.50/lb  Big Blue Hubbards .75/lb

Pie Pumpkins .75/lb.


LIMITED: Salad mix $4. Spinach $4. Kale$3. Chard $3. Brussel Sprouts $5/Qt. Eggs $4/doz

Dill or Bread and Butter Pickles, Strawberry or Blueberry Jam $6/jar

Worsted weight Wool Yarn $8/sk. 

Handknit Wool Hats $25-$30 each


Twin Pine Farm

Ed & Nancy Benoit

802-892-5348 | | Facebook

Whole Wheat Whole Grain Breads

  • Molasses

  • Oatmeal

  • Maple

Peasant Breads

  • Everything Bagel

  • Cinnamon Swirl

  • Cheddar Dill


  • Maple Cashew

  • Cherry Almond

  • Nutty Maple

Maple Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
Cranberry Orange Bread
Cranberry Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

  • Blueberry

  • Cranberry Orange

Home Baked Beans
Cranberry Honey Mustard
Blueberry Jam
Cranberry Orange Marmalade
Frozen Cranberries and Frozen Blueberries


Treasure Chest Crafts

Ken & Cheryl Mundinger

802-227-3003 |


No product list at this time, please call to inquire.



Warden Meat & Maple

Koren & William Warden

802-633-4959 | | Facebook page:  Warden Meat & Maple



Ground beef & brisket $5.75/lb

Sirloin steak $12.25/lb

Strip loin & delmonico steak $13.25/lb

Bones/Shank $2.25/lb

Heart, liver,  tongue $3.25/lb



Ground pork $5.75/lb

Breakfast or hot Italian sausage $6.25/lb

Ham steak $8.75

Pork chops $9.25/lb

Bacon $9.75/lb


Maple syrup golden, amber & dark grades

Gallon $40

1/2 gallon plastic or glass $25

Quart $16

Pint $9

1/2 Pint $5

8.45 fl oz glass square $7

8.45 fl oz glass leaf $10

Granulated maple sugar 4 oz shaker $5 | 1 lb $12

Maple cream 1/2 lb $7 | 1 lb $12

Maple candy 1 oz $1 | 1/2 lb $6 | 1 lb $12

Large Maple Sugar Leaf, 3 Small Maple Leaves, 4 Maple Sugar Bon Bons, and 4 Maple Sugar Hearts - $1/oz each



Vermont Peanut Brittle & Vermont Maple Beverages

Ed and Lea Arnold | | 802-748-3537


Orders will be accepted by email or phone.



Traditional Peanut Brittle, Beer Brittle, Coffee Brittle, Spicy Brittle and No Teeth Required Brittle.

  • 8 ounce box of brittle costs $7.00

  • 1 ounce bag of brittle costs $1.00 


Maple Ginger Tea, 15 ounce bottle costs $3.50


Maple Ginger Jerky, 1 ounce bag costs $2.00 


VT Pup Foods

Julianne Mackey


802-745-7231 | |

Call or email to order.

Dog cookies bags


Main ingredient:

  • Pumpkin/peanut butter 

  • Sweet potato/peanut butter 

  • Carrot/peanut butter 

  • Apple/cheese 

  • Chicken/carrot 

  • Beef/sweet potato

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